Welcome Beloved Sister

Winter Solstice Temple

Rebirth yourself, Be the Beacon of Light you are, Reignite your Sacred Mission to Birth the New Earth.

A 2 1/2 hour Online Temple

DATE: June 21 @ 7 – 9.30 pm Sydney Australia AEST


Claim yourself as the Beacon of Light you uniquely are.

Release what stops you from being that Beacon.

Build a new foundation that will hold you.

* Receive your unique gifts as a Beacon of Light.

Tap into your Support team to fully Be that Beacon of Light in the World that you came here to be.

* Reignite your passionate heart to follow your Sacred Mission  

* Be the Spiritual Midwife you are to be part of Birthing the New Earth

You have always been a Beacon of Light.

Yet, we have lost that remembrance.

Here, we are at this great portal of change and darkness.

Will you be the Beacon of light you have always been in this dark world to lead the way Home?

What will you Receive in the Winter Solstice Temple?

In this powerful, transformational, alchemical, Winter Solstice Temple you will receive.

 * The keys to unlock and claim back yourself as the Beacon of Light.

Tools to create the new foundation that will enable you to hold yourself as the Beacon of light no matter what.

 * Your unique team that is here for you to hold, support and guide you all the time, so you are never alone.

Clarity about what is your passionate focus and mission as a Beacon of light in the World.

Reignite your unique Sacred Mission to be “on fire” to serve and fully bring your Beacon of Light into the World. 

* A devoted, powerful Guide who is passionately dedicated to serve your soul to  fully Reclaim yourself as the Beacon of Light, be equipped with your unique Gifts, your Sacred Team, to hold yourself as the powerful Beacon of Light you truly are. 

* A powerful, sacred, alchemical and transformational space called Temple to transmute what holds you back from being the Beacon, that is safe, supportive for you to dive deep to retrieve all of you as the Beacon of Light.

I know it takes great courage to be this and hold your centre.

But it is time to awaken.

To light your Beacon and hold the portal of light you truly are.

To fully play your passionate role in the rebirthing process.

To pave the way for the New Earth to be Birthed. 

You came for this Sister.


The last two years have been an incredibly challenging time to hold ourselves as Beacons of Light and beam our fullness into the world as leaders, as warriors of the Light.

Here, we approach a powerful portal, Winter Solstice to utilise its power, to rebirth ourselves, strip away what dims us and reclaim our passionate Sacred Mission, the why we are here on Earth.

We cannot do this alone. We need our Sisterhood to witness us, our Sacred Team to hold and guide us

In this Winter time we will build our New Foundation that will restore us to hold our strong centres as Beacons of Light, to birth the New Earth and our passionate hearts desires. 

Come Sister let us enter into Temple, to reignite our Beacons to be a Midwife of Change and lead others Home.

Now is the time to Reclaim back your light.

To reignite that remembrance and passion within.

This is what you came here for at this time.

At this Winter Solstice it is time to remember, Reclaim, Strip away and Reignite your Beacon.

In this Temple we will utilise various meditations, guided journeys, ceremonies

 to transform and guide us to be the Beacon of Light

 and to reignite yourself as the Soul Midwife you are to

assist in birthing the New Earth.

Hail and Welcome Beacon of Light

Will you hold your Beacon of Light?

Be the Sacred Midwife and Warrioress at this time?

“Don’t go back to sleep,'' says Rumi.

Join us now to make the difference we came to Earth for.

Now is the time to Reclaim back your light.

To reignite that remembrance and passion within.

This is what you came here for at this time.

At this Winter Solstice it is time to remember, Reclaim, Strip away and Reignite yourself as the Beacon of Light you truly are.

After our Winter Solstice Temple you will be able to attend to what you have received in the Temple to solidify yourself as a Beacon of Light. During Winter you will be able to

Stoke up the fire, to let your Light Brighten and boldly hold yourself  as the Beacon of Light you truly are.

Build your new foundation to hold your centre strongly and fiercely.

* Lean into your Sacred Team, build a strong relationship with them as they guide, hold and support you during Winter.

* So when Spring begins you are ready to blossom fully in the World as Soul Midwife, a Beacon of Light to play your role in birthing the New Earth

Are you ready to be the BEACON OF LIGHT YOU ARE Sister at this Winter Solstice?

To Rebirth yourself. 

Reignite your Sacred Passion.

And be a Beacon of Light to Birth the New Earth.

Join us NOW 



Greetings Beloved Sister

Winter Solstice is my favourite High Holy Day of the year. Before I dived into what I was being called to bring to you this year I thought it was going to be for a wide community. As I intuitively began to receive what I was  called to bring to you I realised it was going to be deep, Transformative and had an edge to it because we are being called, more than ever to show up. This world is changing and we need, all of us, me included to be fully in our Power, Love and Devotion to birth the New World. 

Many are leaving the planet at this time. And we who are know we have a Mission and a Role to play in this birthing, and sometimes that isn't easy. Most of the times it's uncomfortable to fully turn the switch on but we know when we do we are "turned on" so much that we cannot help but shine and be that Beacon. 

This Temple is here to offer you the Sacred space for rebirthing yourself. Like Inanna's journey into the Underworld, to strip away what dims us and holds us back and come forward to be "turned on". I know Sister in your heart of Hearts you want this more than anything. You know you cannot do this alone. We need our Sisterhood, our Sacred Team to guide and support us and a New Foundation that will allow us to hold our Centre, no matter what. 

This is what this Temple offers you Sister and it would be my deepest Pleasure and Joy to hold this space for you to reignite your Beacon of Light and your Sacred Passion and Mission.

Enter in. I hold the gates and my heart open wide to embrace you Beloved Sister.

So honoured to be your Guide and Witness you Sister as you claim yourself back as the powerful Beacon of Light you are.

I cannot wait to be with you Beloved.

Much Love 

Your Sister in Devotion

Wendy Phillis


Temple is the most potent and transformational space I have ever come across. After entering Temple in 2016, I knew this was what I was wanting to bring as a Sacred Container for women to facilitate my Sacred work. I have never experienced such a potent space before that allowed me to transmute many areas of my life that I had not been able to shift. 

When we enter into Temple we immediately know something is very different to any other Sacred Containers we may have experienced. We use Sacred technologies that allow you to leave your thinking mind at the door to access that deeper part of yourself you have always yearned to touch, access and listen to. 

Here we allow our soul to speak to us, our soul is nourished and we begin to release what holds you back from fully living from your True Essence self.

I now only use Temples for my Sacred work because I want the absolutely highest and best for the women who are called to work with me and using Temple as my Sacred Container to deliver my Sacred work I am guaranteed that women will receive the transformation their soul has been yearning for.

I am so honoured to be able to be your Temple Guide, so precious. And I am honoured to serve your precious heart dear Sister 

Here we remember who we are and nourish our true essence as love.

Wendy's Home Temple 


I am a Soul Midwife who holds powerful, alchemical, transformational Temples to  liberate and catalyse yourself into fully living from your True Essence and the life you came here to live. 


I have been holding powerful transformational spaces for over 20 years. I am a Soul Midwife, Liberator and Catalyser for you to come home to fully embody living from  your true unique essence, in freedom and sovereignty. 


I am a Senior Priestess in the Priestess Presence Temple, a Temple Guide Mentor, a Change Consultant, Intuitive Coach.


I am in devotion to Heal the Mother Wound. Specialising in the area of feeling separate to being Love, Abandonment and Estrangement. You return to be embraced by the Mother, heal and then embrace self as love. Estranged Mothers come to a place of Peace, Wholeness and Love ourselves. I am an Estranged Mother. I am passionate about this work and here to serve you Sister.



Much Love 




To sit in Circle with Wendy and to receive her grounding and her holding is a rare and precious gift. Wendy brings the deep and potent skills of the Edgewalker, Midwife and Challenger to her work with Sisters of all different walks of life. She is an incredible Priestess who is able to hold a profoundly loving space for those going through deep life transitions and changes that require them to let go of who they have been and to step into becoming.

Wendy is adept at holding space, witnessing and truly creating a relationship where you feel deeply held and deeply seen. It has been an honour to witness Wendy in her work as she has Midwifed and supported many women to step over the threshold old deep life transitions.

Elayne Kalila Doughty

Founder of Priestess Presence

"My experience in temple was more than just soul nourishing. It was an experience of sacred union within every cell of my body. As soon as I entered the gate and met Wendy, I felt so held and welcomed instantly. I couldn't have asked for a better temple guide!!

Wendy truly feels this work in her soul and embodies her love for it, creating the most gorgeous sacred spaces for women to be held and nourished deeply.

I am so grateful for my experiences in temple, they have been a truly amazing journey of deepening my connection with myself, the divine mother and the sisterhood. Words fail to capture the magic of temple, it's something that must be experienced. If your soul is yearning for a sacred space to gather with a group of radiant women, temple is calling you!!!"

- Briony

"Wendy is a wise woman, leading from her heart and her intuition. Wendy isn’t afraid of the deep dive and if you want to get real and do the work, to see real changes manifest in your life, she’s a good woman.

She holds space with love and integrity. You know you’ll be nourished when you are with her. I’ve learnt so much from this wise woman and working with her has inspired me to make big changes in my life and has taught me how to love myself more deeply. Wendy is a true Priestess with a passion for seeing women come into their power."

Jemimma Beaumont.

Sacred Space Arts Therapy.

"Working with Wendy is a gift to yourself! Wendy creates a safe and nurturing container where you can access your heart’s wisdom and desires. Always well attuned to you, she will guide you with several tools to make these steps forwards leading you closer to them. Wendy’s rich experiences transpire in the manner she cares, like a big Mumma of her precious ones, guiding through what is real for you now and being that precious, compassionate ally holding you through it. Wendy is so dedicated to support women to flourish and thrive; she is a treasure to discover and enrich your life with!."

Lucie B. Canada

 Rhythm Care

Lighthouse in Storm --- Image by © John Lund/Corbis