Your Radiant True Essence Self


       Live your Freedom, Power, Love and Wisdom

                      As a Woman over 50, 60, 70

            A 8 Week Online Program with Wendy Phillis


In AUSTRALIA - Saturday February 24,  Sydney - Sunday April 21 

In AMERICA -  Friday February 23, USA - Saturday April 20


Welcome Dear One,

 I honour you, your journey, your heart. And I come to you today with some insight and a journey that will ignite you, to reclaim and liberate who you truly are. We have lived extraordinary lives. Predominantly that life has been from a part of self that is not true. And with the arrival at this time in our life we are being asked and invited into a life that we came here to truly live. It is from our True Essence Self, that was intact when we were born. And to a large extent we have forgotten her but she has always been there.. waiting. And maybe you have come across her before, but just didn’t have to courage to really Liberate her and trust her to guide you. Now she is knocking at your door again, maybe softly or raucously and loudly. She’s here, she wants to come home. She wants to live in you. And you crave and yearn for her really. I am going to share a program I have cooked up for you to bring her home, to Liberate her so you can live fully from her and live in your power, freedom, love and wisdom, which was your destiny all the time. Welcome my love.


We, as women over 50 have reached a very potent time in our life. We have moved through two of the traditional faces or Archetypes of a woman's life, called Maiden and the Mother. Now, we encounter a new face, which is not widely recognised, identified as Maga, Matriarch or Queen. This is the face before Crone.

This is a formidable time because we are being invited to come into our power. It is marked by the ceasing of our menstruation and a time where we encounter many varied challenges and changes, not just associated with the “change of life”.


Why is this occurring? Because we are being invited into a rite of passage to claim our power. Like when and if you birthed a child you were initiated by contractions. Birth just does not happen, it is a rite of passage more profound in a vaginal birth because it is uncomfortable, your cervix is contracting, you’re in the unknown, in the dark, in the dark feminine mystery and you just have to move through it until you hold your baby.

For us this initiation is not unlike birth. We encounter many challenges here, that can send us into what I call “the uncharted terrain and feeling lost”. A rite of passage is not a sweet, easy, simple journey because we are ending one phase of our life, our bodies change and our psyche. We are being invited to step through a portal to claim and Liberate ourself into our power, wisdom and love.

To claim and liberate yourself into your power you are being invited to:

  • Know and claim who we truly are – your True Essence self.
  • Identify who you are not, your identity, your ego, your belief system that you have continually orientated from. You have believed you have had to be a certain way to keep yourself in this orientation which is not true about yourself. Many of these beliefs and habitual ways of being you are blind to see, and they are predominantly unconscious.  They shackle you and keep you hostage.

To reclaim your power and to step through this rite of passage you are being asked to LIBERATE yourself into your power, freedom, love and wisdom.


Liberating yourself from feeling Stuck to being Free

A two and a half hour Online Sacred Circle


In AUSTRALIA - Sunday October 30 @ 10 am Sydney AEDT Time  /

In AMERICA - Saturday October 29 @ 4 pm PST   /   7 PM EST 

Liberating yourself from feeling 





In this Circle you will have the opportunity to Liberate yourself from where you feel stuck in your life into freedom.

I KNOW you want to live from your True Essence self. Where you are free and empowered.  Yet, we often get stuck along the way. And it's a painful place to be in.

Dear One, where do you get stuck and don't you feel your expansiveness as a woman over fifty?

Where do you get stuck in not being able to be all of who you truly are?

Where do you get stuck and feel you cannot Live the Life you came here to live?

We all get stuck along the way, maybe it's a constant thought you run in your head, a pattern, a belief, an old way of being that does not serve you anymore. 

Maybe you have tried different ways and nothing has allowed you to free yourself from feeling stuck in your life. I know you can feel like it's too hard to change or you think I am too old to change or I have tried before and it didn't work. It can be challenging to create change that allows you to be all you are, feel the beauty of your True Essence and feel the freedom to live the life you desire.

Would you love to feel and see through new eyes ?

Would you love to receive a new vision and version of your life where you didn't feel so burdened in life?

Would you love to experience more  joy, freedom, fun, lightness and ecstasy of being who you truly are and living a more simplified, soul connected life as a woman over fifty?

Are you ready to Liberate yourself into Freedom?
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In this online Circle you will receive:

  •  Clarity to identify where you are stuck.
  •   A sacred space and where you are held to liberate yourself from where you feel stuck.
  •  Freedom, expansiveness and empowerment through this liberation.
  • The gift that lives behind this stuckness that will feed you as you Liberate yourself into your freedom.
  • Tools to use to continually Liberate yourself when feeling stuck arises again.

Are you ready to Liberate yourself from feeling Stuck into Freedom

Are you ready to Liberate yourself from feeling Stuck into Freedom?

  • You can live from your full ESSENCE SELF and LIVE THE LIFE YOUR HEART TRULY DESIRES.
  • You are a RADIANT BEING.
  • You have UNIQUE GIFTS and TALENTS that you want to express.
  • And the Universe wants YOU TO SHINE. And it wants to SUPPORT YOU and HAS YOUR BACK.

Is it time to Liberate yourself into Freedom?

You are an Angel 

You Are A Angel

In this Circle you will:

  • Be a part of setting a safe sacred container to be held in to undertake your Liberation.

  • Be guided in a grounding meditation to feel anchored and held, becoming fully present by dropping out of your thinking mind to listen in, to your inner wise woman to guide you

  • Go on a Guided journey where you will identify where you are truly stuck in your life.  

  • Receive how this being stuck is limiting you.

  • Discover the gift that lies behind where you are stuck that wants to be birthed and freed by releasing this old way of being.

  •  Claim your gift as you step into Freedom.

  • Sharing and witnessing of what you have received during this Circle

  • Completion process.

  • Release our Circle.

To Join us to Liberate yourself into Freedom

My experience of being stuck and liberating myself.

Hello dear one I am Wendy and I am 64. If I had a title of a book of my old life it would be “BEING STUCK”. I know this place very well and I know how painful and debilitating it is.

I had tried to liberate myself many times, through many different modalities but nothing really provided me the Freedom to be all who I truly am now and to experience the joy and liberation I enjoy and ecstatically live in now.

I hated change, so I stayed in relationships, jobs, places for far too long because I feared change. I would have rather remained in those stuck, uncomfortable, soul destroying places because I did not trust lets say the “unknown” and would rather stay in that uncomfortable place where I was suffering than change. I limited myself and my life tremendously and experienced a lot of pain because of that stance I took.

And I had no concept that I was divinely held, loved and supported.

Firstly I reached a place where I had had enough of these old stories that I was listening to and kept me stuck. I was starting to see who I truly was and wanted to live fully from that. 

What made the change for me was knowing I had to take my power back, love myself and make myself important. I had been a giver to others but not to myself.

 I had tried to change myself but these two pieces were not being changed at a core level. And I didn't know I was deeply loved, held, supported and could really lean into this support.

I started leaning into this support and released these old stories. I was held by this amazing unconditional love and started to love myself.

Secondly I knew I wanted to live from my power, claim my power and more importantly hold myself in my power. So I had to strengthen this core holding in myself. This made a huge change. It was like a tree, if a tree doesn't have strong roots anchored into the earth, it cannot stand strong and outstretch its branches  to hold the beauty of itself.

Thirdly was working with the thirteen Divine Feminine Archetypes I work with particularly my greatest ally called the Great Mother. She holds me, loves me unconditionally and supports me. I lean into her and I am held and I can hold myself now.

What a change.

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Meet your Guide for Liberation into Freedom:

Wendy Phillis has been holding powerful transformational spaces for over 20 years.She a Soul Midwife, Liberator and Catalyser for you to come home to live fully from your unique essence and live from your freedom and sovereignty.   

Wendy is a Senior Priestess in the Priestess Presence Temple, a Temple Guide Mentor, a Change Consultant, Intuitive Coach to greatly honour and serve your heart.

It is such an honour to meet you Beloved and be your guide on this journey to Liberate yourself from Stuckness to Freedom. I love to  passionately serve women especially women over fifty. I am here to bust the illusion that life is over when we turn Fifty. I Mentor women to reclaim themselves as the Powerhouses  and Wise Beauties that we truly are.

I cannot wait to be with you and witness you liberating yourself from stuckness to claim your Freedom, gifts and be able to live the Life your heart desires.

Welcome Beloved one

To Join us for this Circle :


To sit in Circle with Wendy and to receive her grounding and her holding is a rare and precious gift. Wendy brings the deep and potent skills of the Edgewalker, Midwife and Challenger to her work with Sisters of all different walks of life. She is an incredible Priestess who is able to hold a profoundly loving space for those going through deep life transitions and changes that require them to let go of who they have been and to step into becoming.


Wendy is adept at holding space, witnessing and truly creating a relationship where you feel deeply held and deeply seen. It has been an honour to witness Wendy in her work as she has Midwifed and supported many women to step over the threshold of deep life transitions.

Elayne Kalila Doughty

Founder of Priestess Presence



For an entire year, Wendy showed up and held me in a sacred container. Her willingness to go the distance with me, to champion my greatness, and hold me accountable was beyond my expectations. During our time together, she would support me to anchor into the deeper, wider truth of who I am and what is possible for me. Before my work with Wendy, I was grasping for love and recognition outside of myselfNow I know that the love I was seeking has been within me all along!

Maria Chowdhury

Spiritual Midwife, Tai Chi & Qi Gong Practitioner


To Join our Circle to Liberate yourself from feeling stuck to claim your Freedom:

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