Wendy Phillis

I Midwife Souls to Come Home.
I Hold, Guide and Nourish you so you can Liberate yourself into Soverignity, Freedom, Living the Life you Came here to Live

Greetings Beloved I am Wendy Phillis, the temple keeper of this space. Beloved I am so honoured you are here, sit down and Ill share a little about myself.

I have been on this huge journey of coming home to myself. In the early 90s I encountered a health issue of low energy and was menstruating 3 weeks out of a month. I was led to an amazing Traditional Chinese Herbalist and Acupuncturist and with one session my body became more aligned. This sparked my passion to follow this path as a Practitioner and began working with women to assist them to return to health and wellbeing. I was also a Qi Gong teacher and used this modality to potentise my work more.

My next road in my path lead me to William WhiteCloud and I realised I was very intuitive, and he sparked in me this passion to come to know my whole self, my shadow and my light. I was in his very first 9-month training called Living From Greatness. I never knew that I had beliefs that held me back from truly living my Greatness or wholeness. I was on fire with this work and became an Intuitive Counsellor. William suggested that if I really want to dive into this work I should go and study with his Mentor Scott Washington. So in 1996 I trained with Scott for a year to become a Change Consultant and also trained with William for another 3 years.

This led me to trusting my inner wisdom and creating what my heart desired. I remember very clearly in 1999 receiving a message “more than anything else Wendy you want to become a Mum”. I had resisted the feminine and anything to do with women and really negated my feminine. I was also an Early Childhood Educator and I knew the commitment you have to have to have a child. I was fearful of this path, of really messing up another being and did not want to go into the that Unknown part of myself of surrendering to become a Mother. But this message was so clear, I had no argument, I knew it was true and so in November 1999 I became pregnant.

This next phase of my life and path has been the greatest Initiation in my life. It has revealed to me many aspects of myself that were hidden and, in the shadow, and its painful to even touch into this now. My daughter has been a huge gift to me and being a Mum has flushed out how I try to be perfect, how unloved I felt and so much more. I am so grateful for her coming to me and love her so very much for all the medicine she has brought to me.

I began to feel the call to serve parents in their parenting and held 3 - month trainings on Intuitive Parenting and coached parents 1:1 to support them.

Then there was another huge shift – this call to the Feminine was imminent. A dear friend invited me to a workshop that I thought was about knowing myself more but it was a Tantric Women’s workshop. Another huge change. I knew this was my path now to serve women to Come Home to themselves. But of course, I had to go there first. No one was telling me what do to do to reclaim this part of myself. My intuition was guiding me. I became “softer” I was opening to receive my feminine and the power of being a woman.

I became part of this friend’s work called Dancing the Divine to support women to come home to their Divinity through their sensuality, power, and sexuality. We held workshops, retreats and deep dives which culminated in holding Temple space for the women to invite in a Beloved to witness them Dancing in their Divinity. This was deep soul work and brought me deeply into awakening my Primal Goddess, my wildness, and sexuality.

After completing this work, I felt the call to become a Tigress Yoga Instructor to hold a different space for women to come home to know themselves in their wholeness and awaken their Shakti Life force.

I felt this strong call into Love. I had been feeling “edges” within me – uncomfortableness – this old story of not feeling I could trust my feminine and women. I wanted to deepen into Love, for myself and to hold a deeper space for the women that I had the privilege to work with. This was my call to the Priestess Presence Temple with Elayne Kalila Doughty. I am so blessed to have been called to this body of amazing work whose lineage is the 13 Moon Mystery School created by Ariel Spilsbury.

This has been for me the most potent transformational work I have ever experienced and had the pleasure to work with. I am soooo grateful. I dived in 2017 into their deepest year long Initiate training called Enter The Mystery and I was also called to be mentored for a year 1:1 with Elayne. Wow what a huge change in my life. I knew about halfway through this training this was the work I wanted to bring to the women I had the honour to serve now.

Each month we spend a whole month in one of the 13 different Archetypes. What I received from the first year was amazing.:

  • My relationship changed with myself, I became kinder and more loving towards myself, as I deepened into love.
  • The relationship with my daughter’s father changed too. I was able to forgive myself and where I had judged him and we were able to carve out a closer, trusting relationship with parenting our daughter. And I enjoyed a more open-hearted relationship with him, where my heart had been closed before.
  • I was able to heal a lot of wounds around my relationship with my daughter too.
  •  I healed the relationship with my Mum before she passed. I had never felt close to her, I felt I could never connect with her. Through alchemising this old wound of separation with love, I was able to be more present with her, in a space of love, softness and tenderness. I anointed her body with oils to honour her. I know she appreciated that touch and love. I feel this allowed her to let go into a more willing state to pass. Love you Mum.

These were huge shifts in my life.

I started to bring this potent alchemical work to the women I worked with. I wanted to go deeper and train with the Temple to become a Temple Guide and then Mentor. I have felt the shift in the space I hold. I witness the deepening of the women in these Archetypal Temples and the richness this brings to their lives. I also witness them transmuting shadows, as they claim more of who they truly are and come home to embrace their wholeness and begin to walk as love.

In 2020 it was clear for me it was time to create more freedom in my life. I had been feeling the calling to live by the sea for about five years. I had been so scared of not being able to survive if I left my work. With COVID the Universe just offered my freedom on a platter. With being stood down and saying, “here do you want it”? I decided it was time to resign and go.

This propelled into a journey into the Unknown. I learnt home was inside, to trust and release and know that my main ally, the Archetype of the Great Mother holds me and knows the path.

I Midwife souls to Come Home. (Come Home means coming home to yourself. To know yourself at your true essence or soul level. It is coming into that place deep within, your sacred space and Temple. It is where you find your stillness, your knowing, your sovereignty, every true part of yourself

I hold, Nourish and Support you to Liberate yourself into your Sovereignty and Freedom to live the life you fully came here to live.

I am a Senior Priestess in the Priestess Presence Temple, a Temple Guide Mentor, a Change Consultant, Intuitive Coach and I am so grateful for my journey and the great honour to serve your heart.

I wish to acknowledge the Traditional owners of this land on which I live the Dunghutti people.
I also acknowledge our Elders past, present and emerging.