Rites of Passage

Rites of Passage are rituals and ceremonies to mark the time and phases in our lives. They can be for a woman becoming a Mother, to honour time passages such as death, divorce or separation, a girl having her first Moontime (menstruation) and completing our Moontime.

These are practically missing in our culture today. Rites of Passage are important for our soul and our planetary evolution. When they are absent, I believe, we witness beings and a culture that is lost. When we do not honour the different phases of our lives we tend to have little meaning in our life, we can become stuck because we haven’t acknowledged an ending of a phase of our life and initiating ourselves into a new beginning. We see boys and girls lost today because they don’t recognise in their bodies and psyche that childhood is over. We witness many women still seeking what they sought for in childhood, a Daddy figure.

First Nations peoples know, respect and honour these phases by holding Initiation Rites and ceremonies to align, with their spirit, Country and a healthy culture and individuals emerge. Through the Rites they become grounded and aligned in their purpose within the community and with their True Essence Self.


Queen or Maga Rites of Passage – for women who have completed Menstruation – Moontime.

Photo Credit: Chanel Baran

This is a powerful phase of our lives. When you complete your bleeding, we hold this energy inside of us, rather than releasing this energy each moon cycle. This phase is associated with Fire, Passion, Creativity, fully stepping into your power, sharing your gifts with the world, igniting your Sacred work and purpose.

Many of us face into a lot of change in this phase that can either shake us up or catalyze us into this Passion, Fire and Creativity. How can we transition into this phase to honour who you are and ignite what you came here to “do” and be in the world? I believe that by passing through this Initiatory gateway – Rite of Passage we can.

These rites are tailor made to your requirements Sister. I support you in what you desire. I offer support with deepening questions and contemplations in the time prior to holding your Rites I encourage to acknowledge your biography and particular life changing events that have shown up on your journey. And I invite you into dreaming into what do you desire for this next phase. I offer 1:1 sessions for your preparation, as an option to deepen with preparation and support to dive into what may be arising for you and what you are truly desiring for this phase of your life.

Your Rite of Passage is very potent when you invite your dearest and closest Sisters to witness your Rites. And what I find, this creates greater intimacy with your Circle of women.

Traditionally there are three phases of a woman’s life – Maiden, Mother and Crone. However there has been a new phase added because we are living longer. This phase comes after completion of Menopause which is called Maga or Queen before we enter Crone.

This Rite of Passage acknowledges you stepping into your power, Sister, and this new phase of our life which is so exciting.

Celebrating you, Beloved Sister.

Photo Credit: Chanel Baran

My Personal Experience of Rites of Passage and Initiation Rites

Two years ago, I felt a new way beaconing me. I held Rites of Passage for myself, to initiate myself into a new phase of my life. I invited several close Sisters to witness me. I had been feeling stuck in my day job and my energy was depleted. I knew part of this new phase was about leaving where I was living as I wanted to live by the sea. After the Rites, my energy was flowing again. I was called into greater Alignment with my Soul and began to mightily move forward, feeling in my full expansion, Love, Joy and totally fulfilled being aligned with my Soul and what she wanted to do and Be.

I know the Power of holding Initiation Rites and going through them. For four years I held Initiation Rites with three women, creating deep preparation for women to step forward to Initiate themselves through Sacred Feminine Rites in a Temple space.

I am very excited to hold this space for you Sister and we will move through these together, being Powerful Co-Creators and Initiates. Then we can then birth more of what our Soul Desires onto this Planet and be more in our Hearts and Soul Essence.

I lovingly invite you to step in Beloved.


A Blessingway is a Rite of Passage for beautiful women who are about to step over the threshold of becoming a Mother for the first time or birthing subsequent children. This is a life changing transition and women are not often celebrated and honoured for this coming transition. In our society mainly the baby is celebrated with a baby shower. In this Rite of Passage, the Mother is celebrated.

This is a deep journey that you are initiating yourself into for the rest of your life. Motherhood is not often celebrated and a Blessingway allows you to open up to receive what this journey ahead will be for you and to receive community blessing and support.

You will invite nearest and dearest and your birth support to come together to mark your passage. Sometimes the father is present and celebrated too and any other children in your family. The Blessing way is designed by your heart’s desires dearest Mother to be.

  • This can include each woman attending to speak to what they are wishing for you in becoming a Mum and how they will support you in this transition and beyond.
  • Some decide to make a birthing or Mother to be bracelet or necklace. Each friend brings a crystal bead that speaks to them of you and Father, if he is present. We go round the Circle threading the bead infusing it with a wish or prayer and then a Ceremony is created to adorn you and the Father.
  • A book is made for the Baby, Mum to be and Dad. In each book the friends attending write their wishes and prayers and are given to you and Dad to contemplate on before the birth and afterwards. I remember sharing the baby one with my daughter when she was older and she has it for a keepsake.
  • The Mother- to -be is adorned with flowers and you are massaged and/or receive a foot bath to “love you up” and nourish you for the coming journey.
  • Some make crowns for the three beings to place on their heads and a ritual is carried out to mark the change in their lives. This is an honouring of the change that is approaching.
  • A belly caste is made and the women assist in creating this and may come back to decorate and adorn it.


"Wendy has a gift for going to the depths of her soul and guiding others to drop into their hearts. Both my guests and I were blessed with the sacred space she created for my Blessing way. It was beautiful, divine, very honouring and such a precious time to honour my journey before my little one joined this world. I wholeheartedly recommend you give the gift to yourself of a Blessingway with Wendy."
Jamie Louise. Creative Genius Hub

"I was blessed 15 years ago now to have a Blessing Way ahead of the birth of my 2nd little boy. My first little boy passed away at 11 days old. Wendy facilitated a very precious, tender and deeply connected Blessing Way that not only acknowledged the upcoming birth of Joel, but also the loss of Joshua and his influence on my life and this birth. She held open a very sacred space for all who were present to be touched by love."

-Gisele Gambi
Mother of Joshua; born/died 1999, Joel now 15 and Ruby-Rose now 10
Business Coach

Photo Credit: Chanel Baran