Oracle Wisdom

(similar to Tarot)

For Guidance, Direction, and Insight.
Are you standing at a crossroads?

Maybe you are facing a challenge or an initiation.

Are you desiring to receive clarity, insight, direction, or guidance?

I am here Sister to meet you in this place and hold you here in so much love. Let us seek Archetypal support and part the veils to allow you to receive wisdom which wants to nourish and guide your soul.

In these sessions I choose to be of deep service to your soul. I call in all my spirit team and the archetypes who want to assist us. I become empty to receive what wants to be imparted to you in a sacred holy space. 

I offer in person Readings or via Zoom.

For the in-person readings, you physically enter into a Temple space that I create uniquely for you. You are greeted and lovingly welcomed into the Temple. You receive a sacred anointing with the Holy Oils from the Emerald Temple. These oils transport allow you to a come into a deep space within yourself. Its as if you are entering a Sacred Ancient Temple where you come into stillness, your heart and receptivity opens and you are deeply nourished and nurtured.

For the Zoom calls I set a unique, beautiful virtual Temple space for your reading. Here you are lovingly welcomed Sister. The singing bowl sets the resonance of the space. I anoint myself physically and anoint you etherically with Holy oils. Welcome Beloved into you Temple space for your reading. This is a live Zoom reading.

You can choose a 30- or 60-minute reading. 

I so look forward to serving your heart and journey Beloved. Thank you for this opportunity.

13 Moon Oracle Deck

I use the 13 Moon Oracle deck which was divinely downloaded by Ariel Spilsbury. I honour and thank dear Ariel for being the creatrix of this Oracle deck and 13 Moon Mystery School.

Archetypes assist us in looking at our lives from a much larger, more mythic and spiritually expansive perspective than that of our ordinary ego. Archetypes are life models, images and ideals that guide the direction of our lives toward our souls ultimate destiny. – Ariel Spilsbury.

Emerald Temple Sacred Anointing Oils

I use these oils because they are the highest quality oils I have found. They are created by Beloved Scent Priestess Diana Dubrow.

The process of creating the Emerald Temple oils begins with deep prayer and ceremony. Diana custom blends the purest high-frequency, organic essential oils to attune and balance your physical and emotional bodies.

The scents evoke emotional and spiritual awareness while supporting vibrant health and a deep sense of well being.

“Anointing yourself with Emerald Temple oils is an embodied prayer, a kiss of spirit on your body!” – Diana Dubrow.


"Thank you for my recent Oracle Wisdom. The cards were absolutely in tune to my journey. Your deep love and insight was a wonderful guide to help me with this journey, to receive learning about a deeper level of myself and how to connect with myself. This was a beautiful gift for my soul, spirit and heart.
It also helped to ease the chattering confusion of the mind which often takes me away from my inner knowing.
Thank you again for being on this journey with me."

-Deb G

“Had an amazing experience and reading with Wendy. I was not sure what to expect but Wendy put me at ease straight away and what came through resonated so strongly with me. Wendy has a wonderful gift that she uses to help everyone heal and find their true self “
-Margaret P

"Recently had an oracle reading with the wonderful Wendy.
What an inspiring reading!
Wendy was deeply knowledgeable about the oracle cards and read with great intuition and wisdom.
My reading was very thorough, insightful, and helped me tremendously move forward on my life journey.
Love this woman. Her warmth, compassion and enthusiasm for her craft is heart-warming."

-Petra C