Shakti Love Yoga

A Unique Form of Sacred Embodiment Women Crave

Our Bodies are Sacred.
Do you feed your Temple Body and treat her as the Beloved?
Are you feeling the fullness of your beautiful feminine Body Sister?

This form of Feminine Yoga is an invitation to COME HOME into your body, allowing yourself to melt back into her – your Essence, Love and Power and let her guide you.

When you Come Home into your body you inhabit a new way of being within. You slowdown to feel into where you are being drawn to in life. You begin to move to your own rhythm, allowing yourself to inhabit the wholeness and lusciousness of who you are.

For too long we have resided in the mental realms. We have cut ourselves off from our power by not being in our body. Many of us fear to be in our bodies because of judgement, feeling we are too much, not enough, that we are not safe to be in our bodies. We have negated this powerful part of our feminine self. 

How can you return to being an embodied woman fully living from your whole self, trusting your instinctual, feminine nature and power?

With Shakti Love Yoga you begin to cultivate this loving and intimate relationship with your body. With the breath sequence you are invited to drop down out of you mind, as you deliciously come into your feeling body, trusting this deeper, powerful part of your whole self. You begin to awaken your senses, your instinctual and sensual self. This is part of who you are Beloved and most of us have shut this powerful part of our feminine body down.
This beautiful feminine practice allows you to reconnect and touch in, to the incredibly unique and beautiful essence you hold in your body. The marriage is initiated. It is a journey to come within, saying “hello, I am here now” as you meet yourself. This is your deepest yearning to have this intimate, close connection with yourself at your very core, to be in sync with her and to cultivate a loving heart felt connection with her, you.

The Shakti Love Yoga awakens your powerful, feminine, instinctual nature so you can begin to trust your wisdom, guidance, and power to inform and lead you. With each movement and breath, you come into the present moment where everything exists – you in your raw deliciousness and your inner knowing. You become attuned to your essence to receive full nourishment and everything you desire to know. You become the Source. Welcome Home Beloved One.

As you continue to dive into this practice it cultivates this connection and expression more deeply. It grows within you and you begin to walk with this new connection within. You feel deeply grounded and centred in your body, right down into your pelvis, you embody the fullness of your true essence self and Sister you are so magnetic. You feel alive, a new sense of freedom awakens in you, you are grounded and anchored into your power as an embodied alive, free woman, no matter what age you are. This is Freedom Sister, being YOU. WELCOME HOME. WOO HOO. 

What are the gifts of Shakti Love Yoga?

  • Moving out of the mind and into your body so you know what is true.
  • Cultivating a loving, intimate relationship with yourself.
  • Tapping into your body wisdom, guidance and inner knowing to guide you in life.
  • Awakening your powerful instinctual self to navigate with.
  • Health, wellbeing and vitality online.
  • Connecting and deepening into your sensuality and sexuality as a resource of you power and nature.
  • Coming home to know and fully live from your True Essence self.
  • Giving yourself permission to claim and live from your Freedom, Love and Power as your innate Birthrite.
  • Deepen into and opening up to receive pleasure in your body.
  • Dissolving the blocks and limitations you experience in your body and life that hold you back from fully living from your True Essence.

Shakti Love Yoga offers 6, 8 0r 12-week series. It is held in a safe and sacred container.

Shakti Love Yoga specially designed for our Feminine Body, cycles, phases, and rhythms. Suited for all ages, and levels of physicality. no matter how you feel your physical body is limited.

Are you ready to COME HOME?

SHAKTI is our feminine power.
LOVE is our natural state of being and essence.
YOGA – movement that makes love to your body.

Dates: TBA