Shakti Love Dance

A 3-part Embodiment & Healing Journey for Women
Hosted by Wendy Phillis, Temple Guide

Welcome Home Beloved, to the Exquisite Temple of your Body.

Shakti: That is our Feminine Power.
Love: That is who we are.
Dance: Because its time to dance through life.

“Come Beloved, listen in, can you hear your body whispering “Come Home”?
To meet you in the full expression of your precious heart, love and power in your beautiful body?
She is not to be feared, Beloved.
She is waiting for you to claim her.
You were not meant to hide your body and your beauty.

Claim back your Freedom, sweetheart.
You do not need to hide or feel ashamed of the full expression of who you are.
Beloved, this is your journey to return home to your wild, free, instinctual self.
No one else can give you the permission to return home, only you.

You thirst for her.
To feel your wholeness, your expression, your love.
Come, my love, return home.
You will never be the same again.

Peel off the layers of hurt, not feeling loved or seen.
It is time to be in your full radiant power, unleashed in your wildness and freedom.
Liberate yourself now my love.
Return to love you.
Return Beloved, Welcome”.

Today, most of us are not “in our bodies”. We have learnt to live from our heads and emotional realm rather than residing in our instinctual, primal body that holds all our deep wisdom and knowing.

This can manifest as:

  • Feeling numb.
  • Feeling cut off your power.
  • No sense of your feeling navigation and body wisdom.
  • Feeling disconnected, ungrounded, not in your centre.
  • Not feeling safe.
  • Feeling lost.
  • A lack of aliveness and vitality.
  • Diminished sense of adventure and curiosity.
  • Distrust in your inner guidance and body.
  • Not appreciating and loving your body.

Some of us have become fearful and do not feel safe to inhabit our bodies and express our natural sensuality and wildness.

This is why I have created Shakti Love Dance.

Shakti Love Dance is an invitation to claim the fullness of your True Essence self in your body and live from this space within you for the rest of your life. 

What will Shakti Love Dance give you?

  • It will awaken your feeling body.
  • Opening your instinctual, primal self to guide you.
  • Deepen you to trust your body wisdom.
  • It will ignite your aliveness, freedom, and vitality.
  • Bring you into your body.
  • Provide you ways to shift from your mind to be at home in your body.
  • Ways to fully inhabit and honour your Temple body.
  • It will cultivate, feed, and lovingly nourish the most intimate relationship you have, with yourself.
  • Release and Liberate yourself from the limiting beliefs and shackles that hold you back from living in your Power.
  • The gateway to step into and claim your Sovereignty.
  • Open you up to your unique Sexual Priestess.
  • Open to embrace your wild, free and natural self.
  • Allow you to claim the wholeness of who you truly are.

This beautiful Offering invites you to partake in a three-part journey to uncoil yourself from what is stopping you being in your fullness. We will meet in person for the Temple Circles, spending weekends together and for last one for a whole month, culminating a weeklong retreat. These are being hosted in eastern Australia.

Shakti Love Dance will support you to claim back your power, your primal self and Sovereignty. Finally, to birth yourself anew, in your radiant essence, sensuality and sexuality. 

“Within every woman there is a wild and natural creature, a powerful force filled with good instincts, passionate creativity and ageless knowing. Her name is called Wild Woman, but she is an endangered species”. Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes. Women Who Run with the Wolves.

The Three Phases of Shakti Love Dance

Shakti Love Dance invites you into three Temple Circles. A Temple holds a rarefied field. It is sacred, involves ceremony and ritual. We enter a space out of time, where we commune with the Divine within and around us.

For each Temple Circle we set up together a strong alchemical, archetypal container by making Sacred Agreements. This creates a container that is safe, held, sacred and confidential. Here begins the magic and alchemy for each Sister to transmute what has been in the way of stepping into the fullness of her body and essence.

Each phase you will be invited into a continual surrender of the old parts of self that have held you back from the expression of your pure essence as a woman living fully in your body, wisdom, sensuality, wildness, power, love and sexuality. Being in your body is your natural way of being Sister come and begin to peel back the layers and masks to reveal your beauty as a fully embodied, free woman.

Each phase culminates in passing through Rite of Passage to Initiate you to mark, seal and acknowledge the birthing of the new you, which is witnessed by your Sisters present on your journey. 

The first Temple Circle Initiation is called the Unwinding.
In this Temple Circle you come back into your body, to feel her, let her begin to take the reins to lead you. Here you begin to awaken your precious Primal self and body. You will uncoil yourself from what has been in the way and holding you captive; afraid of stepping fully into your body. Here we begin to see and heal the wounds.

The second Temple Circle is called Claiming your Sovereign Power.

Here, you begin to claim back your power. You will peel back the layers of powerlessness and overpowering, to find and hold your centre of power. Releasing the chains that have bound you internally and created fear within about being in your power. You will dissolve these old hidden veils that have impacted you, your lineage, and old paradigms of Patriarchal power. Here you will come into a state of pure ecstasy claiming your Sovereignty and throne as a benevolent, loving Queen who can hold your power in love and in the collective. We will also heal the Sisterhood wound that stops us fully living in our power with our Sisters.

The third Temple Circle is called Unveil to Reveal, claiming your Sexual Priestess.
This beautiful phase of Shakti Love Dance is a birthing and celebration of your unique flavour and essence as a Sexual Priestess – Sexual Priestess holds her power unto her own self, she does not need to look outside of herself for permission to fully be in her True essence self. She fully claims, expresses and lives in her wildness, sensuality and sexuality within her body. You will discover your flavour of Sexual Priestess as an Archetype you hold to blossom into and express in your body fully giving birth to her expression as we witness and celebrate your opening.

This is a month-long Temple Circle with your Sisters you are going to journey with, culminating in a weeklong retreat. Together as Sisters, we will create everything for the Temple in which we will hold our retreat. We will deepen with the Sacred Holy Oil created by Diana Dubrow from the Emerald Temple called Intimacy.
Each Sister will be a Midwife to each Sisters birthing and celebration. It is a beautiful deep dive together to witness each of our Sisters giving birth to who they truly are and claiming back who we have always been. A true milestone in our lives as women.

“There is in all women a wild and ancient gypsy who cries in anguish when we starch her flat. There is a part of us that can never, ever be happy until the gypsy can dance.” Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes. 

PLEASE NOTE: Shakti Love Dance is not a dance class where you learn a few moves. This exquisite three – part series is an invitation into Liberation and Freedom of fully living in your Temple body.

We are beautiful works of art. Wild, free dancing at the edge of a cliff, beneath the stormy sea is raging under the full moon, howling. Everything around you is Celebrating you, because you are alive Beloved.

We are gathering, heart to heart, Sister to Sister, raising each other up to celebrate our unique expression and beauty. We came to live extraordinary lives. Each filled with a dream to fulfill and express. To bring all our gifts and bounty. The earth is Celebrating you, being in the full expression of your primal instinctual nature, sensuality, sexuality, innocence, playfulness, and love.

I cannot wait Sister to serve you. I Midwife and hold the space for you to Come Home to your Ecstasy, Freedom and Joy as a fully embodied woman who inhabits your instinctual, wild, alive body, sensuality, and sexuality.

Much Love
Wendy Pheonix Phillis

Dates: TBA