Alive Free Beyond 50

Liberation, Freedom, Aliveness, On Fire,

Living Fully the Life You Came Here to Live

I am passionate and devoted to serve women over 50.


In this phase of our lives, we are encountering much change. This can be an overwhelming time. How can you navigate this change and nurture the new life that is wanting to emerge? Many people relate this phase of our life to Autumn. The leaves are changing colour, such an array of beauty and there is also the letting go of what has been. Something even more beautiful is going to come forth, from the releasing of the old. The call of a new beginning, a season of harvest, freedom and celebration is beckoning you Beloved one.

Life can be challenging as you are letting go. Some of the shifts can include:

  • Our role as a mother.
  • Children leaving the nest.
  • Relationships with partners change or end.
  • Grief or regret of not having children.
  • We have been consumed by “work” and our energy is depleted or experiencing burnout.
  • Restlessness, anger, aggravation.
  • Desiring to follow our Soul calling.
  • Our bodies are changing.
  • Encountering health issues.
  • Not feeling grounded, held, and supported.
  • Feeling our vitality and youthfulness disappearing and therefore our worth, value and attractiveness is questioned.
  • Health. emotional, physical issues related to Menopause.

Change is occurring within and around you, and it is not always easy to face and flow with these changes as you are greeted with this new phase of your life.

I know many women who have fought and struggled with hot flashes, struggled with our bodies changing, wrinkles and cellulite appearing, health and vitality declining. Some feel like life is over. When we only see and feel change, it can be scary. Yet, Beloved there is a deeper shift occurring within and your Soul is calling you to come back home to you and live from your Essence, Love and Power. 

From 50 onwards you are being invited into this exciting new phase of your life Sister.

What is this call from within? What is it all about?

Beloved there is a huge call from your soul at this time.

When you begin to hold your menstrual blood, you are being invited into this new phase of your life, to come into your full power as a woman. You are being asked to birth yourself anew and to live fully the life you came to live. This phase is often referred to as the Queen or Maga phase of a woman’s life and it precedes the Crone phase.

Whether you have been aware of your soul life or your power it does not matter. All the changes you are encountering at this time, the hot flashes, changes in your life with relationships and upheavals are present because your Soul is wanting your attention. It is saying to you “Wake up. You did not just come to live a life and then die. No, you came for a reason”.

You decided before you came into your Mother’s womb to come here to live from your True Essence and to birth the life you came here to live. Beloved, you are a passionate spirit and soul. You have this huge, burning desire within, to awaken into your alive, free body and birth yourself into the fullness of who you truly are and to live your Sacred Purpose.

You knew this journey, being a soul in a human body was not going to be easy. You have navigated your way as best as you could till now. Now it is your decision to follow this call or not. You, Beloved One came to live an extraordinary life. Are you ready? 

How do you embrace this reawakening of your true self and begin to live the life you came to live?

I have found two powerful ways to initiate myself into my power that I recommend to you. And it is not a do once and you are living your life on fire. This journey is a day-by-day devotion, but these will serve your Soul.

1/ Holding a Rite of Passage to initiate yourself into this new phase. This is a ceremony to mark this time of leaving the old life and initiating the new. Welcoming and Celebrating yourself home into your Power, Love and Freedom. ( See Rites of Passage)

2/ Engaging a Mentor who can guide you through this phase so you can give birth to yourself in your power. It is like having a Midwife to assist you in birthing and claiming your Soul self.

Another powerful piece for me personally, has been working with the Archetypal and Alchemical realm. In all the work I offer I use the 13 Moon Archetypes from Ariel Spilsbury and setup a powerful and potent Alchemical container to hold us, which allows the transformation to magically occur. 

“Archetypes are large mythic containers of consciousness that are the structural, energetic form behind form manifested in physical reality. Archetypes assist us in looking at our lives from a larger, more mythic and spiritually expansive perspective than that of our ordinary ego. Archetypes are life models, images and ideals that guide the direction of our lives toward our souls ultimate destiny”.
Ariel Spilsbury.
13 Moon Mystery School.

Change is always trying to point us toward something. In this phase of our life, we are being ushered towards returning home.

Are you ready to fully claim your power, live fully aligned with your essence, joy, love as you ignite the path you came to live?

We are here to shine Sisters. We are here to catalyse ourselves into the full expression our true essence in delight. This is what turns us on, lights our fire, rejuvenates us and brings us into our Vitality. Are you ready to fully claim your power, living your essence and igniting the path of why you came here?

I am here in full devotion to you Beloved, to support you to liberate yourself fully to live from the true essence of who you are and to begin living fully the life you came here to live.

I celebrate you.

If you feel called onto this path, then let’s get to nurturing you now. 

Here is what I Offer to support you:

  • 1:1 Mentoring to navigate this transition, know what this new phase of your life is about and begin creating it.
  • 1:1 Mentoring to know what your deepest hearts desires are and assist you in creating the life your heart desires.
  • Rites of Passage for women to mark this new phase of your life. As you birth yourself anew, igniting you into your power and celebrating you into living this life now.
  • I also have a Facebook group for you for nourishment and support called AliveFreeBeyond50

*Come Home means coming home to yourself. To know yourself at your true essence or soul level. It is coming into that place deep within, your sacred space and Temple. It is where you find your stillness, your knowing, your sovereignty, every true part of yourself.


"To sit in Circle with Wendy and to receive her grounding and her holding is a rare and precious gift. Wendy brings the deep and potent skills of the Edgewalker, Midwife and Challenge to her work with Sisters of all different walks of life. She is an incredible Priestess who is able to hold a profoundly loving space for those going through deep life transitions and changes that require them to let go of who they have been and to step into becoming.

Wendy is adept at holding space, witnessing and truly creating a relationship where you feel deeply held and deeply seen. It has been an honour to witness Wendy in her work as she has Midwifed and supported many women to step over the threshold of deep life transitions."

Elayne Kalila Doughty
Founder of Priestess Presence

"Working with Wendy is a gift to yourself! Wendy creates a safe and nurturing container where you can access your heart’s wisdom and desires. Always well attuned to you, she will guide you with several tools to make these steps forwards leading you closer to them. Wendy’s rich experiences transpire in the manner she cares, like a big Mumma of her precious ones, guiding through what is real for you now and being that precious, compassionate ally holding you through it. Wendy is so dedicated to support women to flourish and thrive; she is a treasure to discover and enrich your life with!"
-Lucie B. Canada

"I would like to give a testimonial to Wendy Phillis for the recent wonderful mentoring she did with me during a Temple Guide Training session sponsored by the Priestess Presence Temple.

I had some exceedingly difficult emotional obstacles to get through. Wendy walked me through this very tough path safely, carefully, and firmly until I found my bearings again on the other side of the problem. Once I got it processed, Wendy very compassionately followed up to make sure I stayed grounded and balanced in my new, healthier perspective that she had helped me to achieve!!

I am deeply grateful to her patience and persistence in helping me to take this journey to a new and more productive level of functioning!!!"
-Jennifer Rose