What is the gift of change?

Image by Breno Freitas “And to this one, which carries the warm and strong golden glow that is born in the East, I call the phoenix, my esteemed and beloved Flavos, that will bring the warmth of life, the yellow glow over the world and the bright red fire at its heart, consecrated to be reborn after perishing. "

“There is nothing but ceaseless change”.

Herein lies great wisdom. We often find change challenging. Why is change being brought to us? What is its function?

If we look to the seasons, the moon, and tides there is always constant change all around us. Yet, we find there is resistance here, uncomfortableness and we can dig our heels in and do not allow the gift that change is wanting to offer us, to enter into our lives and a result we struggle in life.

Change is inviting us into this continuous cycle of Birth, Life, Death and Rebirth of ourselves. Change appears because at a soul level we have called this in.

I work with an Archetype called the Creator, Destroyer, Preserver – from the 13 Moon Mystery School - you may know her as Kali Ma. Kali loves us so much and she wants us, as a soul, to have our freedom. When something is in the way of that freedom, she comes in and shakes things up – that is change. You are being called into a soul refinement or what is known as soul polishing. 

Its time to Liberate ourselves into Freedom.

It is our choice how we react to this soul polishing. We can resist or we cut away what wants to die and release ourselves into flow and freedom, a rebirth. Something new wants to come through. 

Requiring Support Sister?

I am here to serve your soul sister to navigate this change so you can embrace and receive the gift.


"To sit in Circle with Wendy and to receive her grounding and her holding is a rare and precious gift. Wendy brings the deep and potent skills of the Edgewalker, Midwife and Challenge to her work with Sisters of all different walks of life. She is an incredible Priestess who is able to hold a profoundly loving space for those going through deep life transitions and changes that require them to let go of who they have been and to step into becoming.
Wendy is adept at holding space, witnessing and truly creating a relationship where you feel deeply held and deeply seen. It has been an honour to witness Wendy in her work as she has Midwifed and supported many women to step over the threshold of deep life transitions."

Elayne Kalila Doughty
Founder of Priestess Presence

"I journeyed with Wendy as a Mentor and later as a Tigress Yoga Instructor and have also attended many of her Temples. Wendy is a wise woman, leading from her heart and her intuition. Wendy isn’t afraid of the deep dive and if you want to get real and do the work, to see real changes manifest in your life, she’s a good woman.

She holds space with love and integrity. You know you will be nourished when you are with her. I have learnt so much from this wise woman and working with her has inspired me to make big changes in my life and has taught me how to love myself more deeply. Wendy is a true Priestess with a passion for seeing women come into their power."

Jemimma Beaumont.
Sacred Space Arts Therapy.