In AUSTRALIA - Saturday March 2,  Sydney - Sunday April 28 

In AMERICA, USA  Friday March 1, - Saturday April 27

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Welcome Dear One,

 I honour you, your journey and your heart. I come to you today with some insight and a journey that may ignite you, to reclaim and liberate your Radiant True Essence Self.  Have you lived an extraordinary life.? Most Women haven't as they have lived predominantly from a part of self that isn't true. And with the arrival of this time in our life, you are being asked and invited into a life that you came here to truly live. It is from your Radiant True Essence Self, that was intact when you were born. And to a large extent you have forgotten her but she has always been there.. waiting. And maybe you have come across her before, but just didn’t have the courage to really Liberate her and trust her to guide you. Now she is knocking at your door again, maybe softly or raucously and loudly. She’s here, she wants to come home. She wants to live in you, at the table of life. And you crave and yearn for her really. I am going to share for you a program I have cooked up for you to bring her home, to Liberate her so you can live fully from her and live in your power, freedom, love and wisdom, which was your destiny all the time.

Welcome my love.

Are you hearing me talking?

Just below this is the recording so you can stop and listen when you are ready.

I have created this voice recording to give you a fun overview of what this Program Liberate is about. When your ready you can restart the recording.

Of course below is all the written information about the Program, in much detail, but my intuition said to provide you a fun, light introduction. So I hope you really enjoy this...

Much Love



You, as women over 50 have reached a very potent time in your life. You have moved through two of the traditional faces or Archetypes of a woman's life, called Maiden and the Mother. Now, you encounter a new face, which is not widely recognised, identified as Maga, Matriarch or Queen. This is the face before Crone.

This is a formidable time because you are being invited to come into your power. It is marked by the ceasing of your menstruation and a time where you can encounter many varied challenges and changes, not just associated with the “change of life”.


Why is this occurring? Because you are being invited into a rite of passage to claim your power. Like when and if you birthed a child you were initiated by contractions. Birth just does not happen, it is a rite of passage more profound in a vaginal birth because it is uncomfortable, your cervix is contracting, you’re in the unknown, in the dark, in the dark feminine mystery and you just have to move through it until you hold your baby.

For us this initiation is not unlike birth. You encounter many challenges here, that can send you into what I call “the uncharted terrain and feeling lost”. A rite of passage is not a sweet, easy, simple journey because you are ending one phase of your life, our bodies change so does our psyche. You are being invited to step through a portal to claim and Liberate yourself into your power, wisdom and love.

Are you ready?


  • Know and claim who we truly are – your Radiant True Essence self.
  • Identify who you are not, your identity, your ego, your belief system that you have continually orientated from. You have believed you have had to be a certain way to keep yourself in this orientation which is not true about yourself. Many of these beliefs and habitual ways of being you are blind to see, and they are predominantly unconscious.  They shackle you and keep you hostage, not allowing you to live in your power, freedom, wisdom and love.

To reclaim your power and to step through this rite of passage you are being asked to LIBERATE yourself into your power, love and freedom.


As female identified bodies many of us have issues around this word because of how patriarchy has misused its power. A lot has been against us. As a result, it can bring uncomfortable feelings around this word power and your own power. Your relationship with your power has been poisoned. Rather than us desiring and embracing our power, we historically have backed away from our power, thinking it is dangerous and associating it with “overpowering”.

Your feminine power is the opposite to patriarchal power  which is associated with abuse, misuse and hierarchy. Your power is deeply rooted in love, synarchy, working together, sisterhood, being in service for the greater good of all and is LIBERATING. Your power can be fierce and soft like a mother wolf protecting and nourishing her pup.

At this stage in your life you are being called to step into your power, to claim who we truly are and liberate yourself from what you are not. I call it a time to become a powerhouse and a wild beauty. I encourage you to not recoil away from this word and your power my love because through claiming your power, you step into a delicious, liberating, and free time in your life.


At this threshold we encounter lots of change, many challenges, that are like initiations. I call it the “unchartered terrain and feeling lost”. This can really bump us around. It can make you feel like you are being turned upside down and inside out, discombobulated, shaken up by what has been arising. I call it the “unchartered terrain and feeling lost”. 

You can feel ungrounded, lost, out of your centre, out of control. And many of us, until now, have felt we have had a handle on life. And now it’s like a hand grenade has been dropped into our somewhat “together” existence.

And these challenges and changes are not just associated with the stopping of your menstrual cycle. Yet, for us these changes are more widely “known”, spoken about and documented. From my experience, the “why” of these Initiations occurring are not openly spoken about because it is not understood.

And this can amplify our experiences because they are not talked about and I find most women descending into these initiations feel misunderstood, out of control, that something is really wrong with us and historically women at this time were labelled “crazy”, “insane”.

We have been made to feel bad about our experiences and our self which can lead to isolation, more pressure to control and have it all together which can make things worse because we don’t see what is actually happening and why this is occurring.

So many women encounter a really hard time during our 50 – 70s and beyond. This is why I am so passionate to shed light on this for you, for us. To bring us a different lensing so we can embrace ourselves at this time and be invited into Liberating ourselves, to navigate these stormy waters.


For over a decade I have been diving deep into my inquiry around this. As a post-menopausal woman of 66 and working intimately with women in this phase of life, what has been revealed is that these initiations , are pointing us toward this threshold or  crossroads which is inviting us to claim our power. This is the true essence of this time in our life to step into and claim our power. To step into this new phase of our lives consciously, so we can LIBERATE ourselves into our power, freedom, love and wisdom.



These initiations can include one of the following life situations or a number of these at one time or simultaneously.

Divorce, death of a loved one, ending of a relationship, or an ending of relationship in a way it has been navigated previously, you wake up one day and say to yourself” this is over”, a child estranging from you, empty nest, friendships ending, loss of support in various ways, it could be an end of a marriage, health issues, natural disasters, fallout from Covid, it could be the death of our parents, or taking our parents/ parent into our homes to care for, dealing with the decline in our parents health and facing into the imminent loss of a parent, it could be loss of a career, job, business, loss of income, loss of savings, becoming homeless, cancer, facing our own death and it could include situations, initiations that I haven't even mentioned.

But it's this definite time where things are turned upside down an inside out where we feel like we don't have our feet on the ground anymore we don't feel like we have control. And it can feel like it is a “dark night of the soul”. You are in the “uncharted terrain and feel lost”. Where you can feel alone, isolated and you should have it together. And we make it more painful for ourselves dear one because we can turn on ourselves, get judgemental and amplify our emotions to create more hardship for our self and we can feel like we are grappling. You can be asking “what's going on here”?, you know I used to have let's say some of my life quite together or completely together or I was putting it together and suddenly the rug is swept out from under your feet, you think  "what the hell is going on here"? We end up feeling like we are in quicksand and we are descending fast.


And you are not alone my love. I have been in this uncharted terrain and feeling lost. I encountered loss of a job, leaving one state and relocating to another during Covid, estrangement, homelessness, abuse, loss of a dear companion, flooding, ill health over a a two-year period and wondered if I would survive. It definitely wasn’t easy, I felt like I went down in a hole and wasn’t sure if I would come back out. I have been here. I have been down in the trenches. It did feel like a “dark night of the soul”.

What served me to return to my centre I am here to share with you. I have dived deep over 25 years of serving women and gained many, many tools on the way and what I have found that has served my highest I am going to share with you in this 8-week program LIBERATE.

In a nutshell it was about remembering who I truly am – that Radiant True Essence Self. And being compassionate with myself in this place, not beating myself up, punishing myself, being so judgemental that I tear myself to pieces to ensure I never crawl back to embrace who I truly am.An old way I go into which is not who I truly am. It’s hard, its destructive and it’s a dark place to be in. And we all do this to ourselves because we forget who we truly are when the “shit” hits the fan, when we are in these Initiations, because we are human. We lose our footing, our centre – which is who we truly are, our alignment, our love for self and where we are and we often dig bigger dark holes for ourself or reach out for things that don’t serve us. But we do go down into a hole. 

And this program will raise you out of that hole. You will come to reclaim and live from your Radiant Essence Self to LIBERATE yourself into your power, freedom, love, and wisdom because that is who we are. And we desire to not just live from this place but to THRIVE.

Join me Sister on your Quest to return HOME to who you are at your deepest Essence, your Radiant, Brilliant True Self. What a joy.

I cannot wait to be with you.



My love know you are not alone here in this unknown territory. Other women like you are also here. I feel what I would say first that this is an Initiation, and it is here for a reason. Not to make your life so unbearable, painful and to make you feel lost, but I would say it is here to wake you up.

You can blindly enter into this time and remain oblivious to what is the deeper meaning and calling here or you can heed this beautiful mysterious call that offers you a choice to embrace your Radiant, Beautiful, True Essence Self you have yearned to be all your life. I know that can sound woo woo but we are souls, and this is a strong part of our soul journey as a woman, like Brene Brown mentioned ( in photo above).

I know many women become panicked by what is occurring and can madly run around trying this and that only to return to that state of feeling ungrounded, discombobulated, and frenzied. We don’t need that, we have enough as women to face in our day-to-day existence in a crazy world. And most of us already have nervous systems that are fraught.

From the deep sacred women’s work that I have led I know, as women, this anxiety and stress just makes things worse. That is why I want to offer you this program that can centre and ground you back into yourself as you claim who you truly are and be connected with your power, love and wisdom to guide you.

We are marvellously equipped when we come home to us, our True Radiant Essence Self. And what a delight that is. We find the strength, not anything to do with force but that innate strength and power you have inside and have always had, and now its being asked to be fully in the forefront of your body, life, and psyche. By coming to know who you truly are and her and also, know and identify who you have tried to be, who you felt you had to fix and just sent us on a “broken record story” that has never brought you a feeling of being complete. When you see that part of yourself you can also take back your power to live the life your hearts / souls truly desire. That is freedom and Liberation.

So, all these initiations are pointing you toward this gate / threshold / crossroads to claim who you truly are. Its uncomfortable because Initiations are not supposed to be sweet, easy, simple things, they are there to get you uncomfortable enough to look deeper into yourself and make decisions about your life now.

Are you going to continue on the rollercoaster ride or live from your True Essence ?

You often have to come to these crossroads dragging and screaming because we are so entrenched in our old stuck ways that keep us shackled but remain there out of fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of change. You cannot fathom what it is like to live outside of the old paradigm you have lived in for 50, 60. 70 years and beyond. That’s all we have known. But the identity does not give us freedom. You are not being true to yourself. You are not allowing that amazing, magnificent, stunning woman that you truly are to live. And she just wants to be cut loose, Liberated into her freedom, love, power and wisdom.


Courtesy of Freepik


Courtesy of Freepik


If you have ever read Women Who Run with the Wolves, and every woman should, the first story talks about La Loba, one of my favourite stories. La Loba is most probably our age or older. She lives in the mountains. She keeps to herself. And her favourite thing is to collect bones. And she wanders and picks up bones, particularly wolf bones. Then she brings them together, makes a fire under the night sky and sings over the bones. She assembles the bones of a wolf, the skeleton forming and when she places the last bone, the tail bone she sings over them and then magically something happens. When she places the tail bone on the skeleton a beautiful, she wolf rises and starts running wild and free into the night air down into the canyon and turns into Radiant, Stunning Laughing woman, running free into the horizon. That is us. That is what will happen when we discover all our lost pieces that are truly us that we have discarded, unloved, never felt we would be loved, approved of, recognised for being our Radiant, True Essence Self. We lost her as a child and now it is time to call back our bones and sing over them with great delight as we call her home again to Liberate her and run free and wild into our new horizon.

This is the process I am inviting you into Beloved. To call yourself home. To claim who you truly are and to Liberate yourself into freedom. Will you

Will you come?


This my love is what you are being invited into when you come to this phase of your life. Maybe you are in your 50s still peri menopausal or not, 60s when we are traditionally post-menopausal or in our 70s. This is why our lives are being turned upside down and inside outIt is pointing us to this place – to claim who you truly are – Your Radiant True Essence Self…. To step over the threshold and like a rite of passage mark this time in your life, like marking a line in the sand denoting an ending of living from your Identity as you step into a new, exciting beginning.


Life is full of these endings and beginnings, and this is like a rebirth this claiming of yourself and rite of passage because you are being asked to claim yourself at long last….And to let go of the old way of being and its orientation.


You don’t know what is up ahead, it is the unknown, but you know what is calling you – the truest part of yourself. The powerhouse within you, your brightest star, your radiant self, your diamond essence what an amazing journey lies before you, my love.


I am so excited for you. Here you are. You have most probably dreamt of this…. To be LIBERATED, FREE, PURELY just you’re your RADIANT, TRUE ESSENCE SELF. WOOOOOO HOOOOOO. HOWL.


Here you are, you’re at the crossroads.


What will you choose – Life, Liberation, Freedom, Living from your Radiant True Essence self, expressing her untethered, unshackled……. Your heart free, a whole new exciting beginning. The blank canvas that you are ready to paint with all the colours you love, the scents you adore, feeling the fullness of your sensuality, wildness, undomesticated to run free in all your beauty.


Or do you remain where you are?


Your choice is in your hands.


What does your heart desire?


What does your Radiant True Essence deeply desire????



Identity emerges during childhood as children are stuck to comprehend their self-concept and it remains a consistent aspect throughout different stages of life. Identity is shaped by social and cultural factors and how others perceive and acknowledge one’s characteristics. Identity is an individual's mental image of themselves and acts to serve as a self-regulatory structure that provides meaning direction and a sense of self control. It profoundly influences an individual's capacity to adapt to life's events and achieve a state of wellbeing. However, identity originates from traits or attributes that individuals may have little or no control over, such as their family background or ethnicity.


Identity is formed through the individuation process, which is a process that is undertaken from the years 0 – 7. Here, we form beliefs about ourselves that forms a structure from which we orientate from. These beliefs are created when we feel we cannot be who we truly are. The child feels pain in this process, when they feel they will not be loved, accepted, included, recognised if they live from their radiant true essence self. So it's like another character is formed, which we often refer to as our Identity or ego or shadow. The identity is formed to keep us “safe”. Yet, it is not who we truly are. But we BELIEVE it is who we are and cling to it for dear life. And we fear to live outside of our Identity, its embedded deeply. Identity was formed to survive. We are not here to Survive my love; we are here to THRIVE from our Radiant True Essence Self.

These beliefs and ways of being form a structure from which we orientate, and we hold tightly onto this structure and belief system, which are predominantly unconscious to us. But they do not bring us joy, fulfillment or Radiance  because it is not who we truly are. And this orientation creates pain and suffering because we yearn to rediscover and claim our Radiant True Essence Self.

This program LIBERATE uncovers both your IDENTITY and your RADIANT TRUE ESSENCE SELF so you can claim your wholeness, beauty, power, freedom, love, and wisdom as a woman over 50.

This is the journey of LIBERATE.  


Many believe we must obliterate this part of ourselves. Yet, by undertaking this my love, you empower it, give it our attention and focus on it, therefore reinforcing and creating more of our identity orientation, pain and separation from who we truly are. From my deep inner work and trainings for over 30 years I have learnt this is a futile undertaking. It will only reinforce firstly that there is something wrong with us, and secondly reinforce the idea that we have to fix ourselves. And here is the kicker dear One, we are already whole. And acting as if there is something “wrong” with yourself does not embrace the wholeness of you, just as you are.

That might really do your head in. Let me explain. Yes, there is our Identity that is not who you truly are. When we identify with this part of self it separates you from your wholeness. You are viewing yourself as incomplete, yet we are complete. The emphasis here is how you are seeing or viewing yourself. Are you seeing that you have to fix this part of self or are you viewing yourself as whole and complete, just having an experience from this separated / Identity part of self?  Yet claiming yourself as whole as you hold both of these aspects of yourself, just like a sweet babe in your arms in love and alchemy brings both together in your love to bring yourself home to a place of wholeness to live fully from your Radiant, True Essence Self?


This is the magic of LIBERATE.

We will love ourselves home, to live fully from our Radiant True Essence Self.

Are you ready to come Home my love?


Wendy in her Radiant True Essence Self


AND THAT’S NOT ALL FOLKSI have kept the most LUSCIOUS part to share with you at the end. Because this is where we begin. My ending is my beginning.

As women we are on a continual spiral journey. Sometimes we spiral up into the heavens. Sometimes we spiral down into the deep depths of ourselves, into the unknown, into the “uncharted terrain and feeling lost” to pick up the pieces we have lost and return again and againmore whole, more complete, continually birthing ourselves as RADIANT TRUE ESSENCE SELVES. But this spiral always continues. And as we spiral, we come homemore deeply anchored into our luscious, feminine, soft, mystical, delicious bodies. We are continually birthing her, as we ground deeper within our bodies as we flourish, open, expand in our hearts as we delight BEING IN OUR BODIES.

The continual Spiral of our lives

We cannot anchor into her without this most potent part of our journey – the journey to be in our sacred bodies. LET US PREPARE THE WAY…


There is much spoken about embodiment. And in LIBERATE I am going to guide you to prepare your sacred body vessel to “Come Home”. There are some very, very simple practices that any of us can do that don’t require us to be able to do headstands. Yes, you heard me the movements are simple and gentle and you don’t have to have a nimble body to engage here. I am going to share with you these and then guide you lovingly even deeper to come into your body. That might sound strange. But after being a Tigress Yoga Instructor and many years of holding sacred spaces for women I share with you that most of us are not “residing “or “at home” in our bodies.

Unfortunately, most of us reside in our minds. It’s just a fact these days we are so pushed, made to feel uncomfortable in our bodies, we are “entrained” to be in our heads. Keep walking very fast on a big ride of never ending doing, thinking, planning, judging our self, others and this world as it is supports us to remain here, outside our body.

As women, we are designed in reside and live from our bodies. Here, in our bodies, in our hearts and wombs where we naturally and inherently feel “at home”. And it's here where we access our body wisdom, our intuition, our gut feeling.  We are disconnected mostly from this part of our self. That part of you that knows everything, that senses everything, that is wise. And here is, I believe, is our greatest asset – connection with and being in our body.

I will lovingly guide you into this divine place that you are yearning to be…. Yes home. Here, we will slowdown, prepare the fertile soil of your body to grow and receive her. To come inside to meet her, greet her and bring yourself HOME, Radiant One.

This part of the journey will be at your own pace, through self “study” practices that will be online.. So, you can remain in your Sovereignty in relation to your knowing when you are ready to embrace yourself as a Radiant True Essence Self. You take this part of the journey at your pace. And I will provide the tools for that journey with so much love and devotion to you and your body, heart and spirit. Here you will be meeting her and birthing her, so delicious.

This is the very luscious part of this program where you get to receive the fullness of your Radiant True Essence Self. It is powerful to know who we truly are and understand, from our Identity who we have become, that you have stopped living from our Radiant True Essence Self. But this will be your integration where you call your True Essence Self back into you. Like a Sacred marriage of all these pieces coming to land beautifully, like the tail bone being placed by La Loba on the wolf skeleton. You begin to sing over your bones. You get to feel how the sinews of your body flesh out, your senses and heart softens and expands.  You become alive, as you run wild and free as you transform into that beautiful, wild, laughing woman you have always been – your Radiant True Essence Self - YUM.

And then we will complete with a Ceremony  in Week 8 of the Program for you to declare and call yourself home within this Sisterhood that  you have travelled with for 8 weeks. To be witnessed, to be crowned in all your glory as you claim your Radiant True Essence Self. Glory Be.



Me in my Radiant True Essence Self


You will:

  • Come to know who you truly are and Claim your Radiant True Essence self
  • Identify your Identity, Ego self, your Shadow which is predominantly unconscious.
  • Come to recognise how you live from your Identity, see the strategies  and beliefs you go into and how you orientate from this part of you to keep this part of you alive.
  • Be able to take your power back in regard to your Identity.
  • Be able to come back to who you truly are and stay in your centre more.
  • Recognise when you are going into “unchartered terrain and feeling lost” and know why this is occurring and what you are being ushered towards.
  • Prepare your body to deliciously receive the fertile ground to grow you Radiant True Essence Self.
  • Learn simple, easy and sweet practices that will soften your whole body, nervous system and psyche.
  • Become more grounded and centred.
  • Become embodied into your Radiant True Essence Self.
  • Have beautiful tools and practices that will continue to feed, grow and nourish your Radiant True Essence Self.


In this 8 week online program you will explore

  • Your Identity, your ego, who you are not. What is the paradigm you have lived from and have orientated from that is predominantly unconscious to you, that keeps you shackled, tethered, limited and small. The beliefs you have orientated from that form this old structure of limitation. The strategies you go into to keep yourself in this realm.
  • Your Radiant True Essence Self. Who inherently are you, the true magnificent, unique, radiant, diamond that you are. And claim her back.  Give her life. Sing joyously and wildly over her bones to bring her back to life. Step into your freedom, wildness, fullness of her heart and expression and run wild and free connected in power, freedom, love and wisdom.
  • Your luscious selfWe inhabit a beautiful female body. Yet we as women we tend to be predominantly living / residing in our heads / minds. Our body is where our Wisdom, Love and Power resides but if you are not connected with your body and these aspects of your Radiant Essence you are missing out on your wholeness. Your invitation in the program is to come back to your beautiful feminine body through simple, easy, sweet practices, like breath and movement , at your own pace. All the practices are here to prepare your body to receive your Radiant Essence, and by doing this you can anchor her in, rather than just receiving this aspect of yourself at a head level. Life really changes when we are residing in here, and a bonus we start to fall deeply in love with yourself. Why I call this luscious because when you Beloved Come Home to her you will feel so different. And my favourite word to describe how I feel is luscious .

Much Love


This 8-week program will include:

  • Setting up our intimate, sacred container to work with that will hold us for our 8-week journey – Introduction Gathering before we begin our 8-week journey.
  • 8 x 2-hour Circles for our inquiries and work together on a private Zoom call
  • 1 x 3- hour Circle for our Completion Ceremony via Zoom.
  • 2 x 1 ½ hour sharing and coaching sessions in our group setting over Zoom
  • A 2-hour closing ceremony where you will be witnessed claiming your True Essence - a Rite of Passage Journey
  • A Intimate and Private Facebook group dedicated just for our group to connect with each other
  • Intimate group of women to journey with
  • Handouts and home play material to work with
  • Luscious videos and guidance to prepare your body and create ease, simplicity, sweetness and deliciousness as you return Home to your beautiful, powerful Sacred Body Temple and Reclaim your Radiant True Essence Self


Week 1 We have 2 Gatherings.

1/ - Setting our Container and Orientation

2/ Introduction – The culture we live in and how it has impacted us to not to live from our Radiant True Essence . Uncovering our Heroine’s journey.

Week 2 – Diving into who we are not – Our Identity. Lets begin to be acquainted with this part of us.

Week 3 – Then who are we? Starting to discover our Radiant True Essence Self.

Week 4 – There are 2 Gatherings.

1/ - Preparing our Luscious bodies to receive our Radiant True Essence self.

2/ - Sharing and Integration Session of what we have journeyed with so far.

Week 5 – Diving deeper into our Identity – discover what are our beliefs we orientate unconsciously from. What are the stragies we go into that prop up our Identity and create suffering.

Week 6 – What are the Initiations we are facing, open discussion and sharing  How can we reframe these challenges? What is the soul polishing and growth we are being invited into? Reframing our Initiations to liberate ourself into Freedom.

Week 7 – There are 2 Gatherings.

1/ - Deeper discovery into our Radiant True Essence Self to start bringing her Home.

2/ Sharing and Integration Session of what we have journeyed with so far.

Week 8 – Our Completion Ceremony.

 Claiming of our Radiant True Essence Self. Celebration, Rite of Passage, Being witnessed by your Sisters. Welcome Home to your Radiant True Essence Self. Please note that this is a 3-hour session.





1 -Setting Container / Orientation Date: Saturday March 2 Time: 11am – 12.30 PM


GATHERING 2 -Date: Sunday March 3 Time: 11am – 1 PM


Date: Sunday March 10 Time: 11am – 1 PM


Date: Sunday March 17 Time: 11am – 1 PM


2 Gatherings

1 – Sharing – Date: Thursday March 21, Time: 11 am – 12.30 pm

2 - Sunday March 24 Time: 11 am – 1 pm


Date: Sunday March 31 Time: 11am – 1 PM

Week 6


DATE Sunday April 7  Time : 10 am – Noon


2 Gatherings

1 –Date- Thursday April 11 Time:10 -11.30

2 – Date - Sunday April 14, Time: Time:10 -Noon



3 hours

DATE: Sunday April 21 Time 10 am – 1 pm




1 - Setting Container / Orientation -Date: Friday March 1 Time: 4pm – 5.30 PST, 7PM – 8.30 pm EST

Gathering 2 -Date: Saturday March 2 Time: 4pm – 6PM PST, 7PM – 9 PM EST


Date: Saturday March 9

 Time: 4pm – 6PM PST, 7PM – 9 PM EST


Date: Saturday March 16 Time: 4pm – 6PM PDT, 7PM – 9 PM EDT


2 Gatherings

1 – Sharing – Date: Wednesday March 20 Time: 4pm – 6PM PDT, 7PM – 9 PM EDT

2 -Date: Saturday March 23 Time: 4pm – 6PM PDT, 7PM – 9 PM EDT


Date: Saturday March 30 Time: 4pm – 6PM PDT, 7PM – 9 PM EDT


Date: Saturday April 6 Time: 4pm – 6PM PDT, 7PM – 9 PM EDT


2 Gatherings

1 – Sharing - Wednesday April 10  TIME: 4 – 5.30 PM PDT, 7PM – 8.30 PM EDT

2 - Date: Saturday April 13 Time: 4pm – 6PM PDT, 7PM – 9 PM EDT



3 Hours

Saturday April 20 Time 4pm – 7PM PDT, 7PM – 10 PM EDT




Investment: $450 Australian dollars

This will include all the above listed in 8-week program

Please fill in an application form to apply - see below.

Applications close February 27th.Thank you


Private 1: 1 mentoring with Wendy, one session per week during the program – 8 Mentoring sessions which are over Zoom for 90 minutes each

Investment: 8 Week Program $ 450 PLUS Mentoring: $1200

 TOTAL Program and Mentoring Pack = $1650 Australian dollars


  • This option is only available for 3 – 4 women only.
  • Mentoring sessions must be completed by April 28

Both options are available through an application form and a 15 minute 1:1 Zoom session with Wendy to discover how the program would serve you and see if we are a “fit” to work together.

Applications close February 27th.

Application form below

Thank you


Wendy is passionately devoted to serve women over 50, 60, 70. She is a Guide and Spiritual Midwife for women especially in the "unchartered terrain and feeling lost", to reclaim their Radiant True Essence Selves. Wendy  holds a beautiful, deep and nourishing spaces where you feel you can LIBERATE yourself into your Freedom, Love, Power and Wisdom.

Wendy Phillis has been holding powerful transformational spaces for over 20 years, She is a leader in women's work and holds the archetypes of  Soul Midwife, Edgewalker and Challenger. This means she is a Liberator and Catalyser for you to Come Home to live fully from your unique essence and your freedom and sovereignty.   

Wendy is a Senior Priestess in the Priestess Presence Temple, as a Temple Guide Mentor, a Change Consultant, Intuitive Coach to greatly honour and serve your heart.


To sit in Circle with Wendy and to receive her grounding and her holding is a rare and precious gift. Wendy brings the deep and potent skills of the Edgewalker, Midwife and Challenger Feminine Leadership Archetypes to her work with Sisters of all different walks of life. She is an incredible Priestess who is able to hold a profoundly loving space for those going through deep life transitions and changes that require them to let go of who they have been and to step into becoming.


Wendy is adept at holding space, witnessing and truly creating a relationship where you feel deeply held and deeply seen. It has been an honour to witness Wendy in her work as she has Midwifed and supported many women to step over the threshold of deep life transitions.

Elayne Kalila Doughty

Founder of Priestess Presence


Wendy holds powerful medicine. I’ve witnessed Wendy transform from deep grief to radiant joy when she was in the "unchartered terrain and feeling lost"..  She has walked her own razor’s edge and has emerged as a beacon of hope for women who are heartbroken, lost, and frozen in the limiting beliefs that keep them small. Wendy knows what it’s like to feel stuck and disheartened, and she’s transmuted those shadows into the gifts of liberation and whole hearted devotion!

  Wendy  braves this uncertain world with the heart of an adventurer and she holds powerful transformational space that can truly help create “a whole new world”.  If you’re ready for a new beginning, lean into her magic and dare to dream your new dream!

Aurora Anurca Farber,

Women's Empowerment Coach, Alchemical Priestess and Love Catalyst

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For an entire year, Wendy showed up and held me in a sacred container as my Mentor. Her willingness to go the distance with me, to champion my greatness, and hold me accountable was beyond my expectations. During our time together, she would support me to anchor into the deeper, wider truth of who I am and what is possible for me. Before my work with Wendy, I was grasping for love and recognition outside of myself. Now I know that the love I was seeking has been within me all along!

Maria Chowdhury

Spiritual Midwife, Tai Chi & Qi Gong Practitioner